Ladder 35 - 2005 Pierce Dash 105' Rear Mount Ladder

Ladder 35’s special features includes an 8 man enclosed cab which allows all firefighters to be seated in seat belts while in route to an emergency call. It has a 515hp Detroit Diesel, an Allison automatic transmission, a 2000gpm Hale pump, 500gallon water tank, and a Husky Class A foam system with a 30 gallon tank. This foam system has some very important advantages. One of which is that it will knock down fire more rapidly than plain water which allows us to use less water while combating fires. This will cause less water damage to the home owner. Ladder 35 carries 209 feet of ground ladders for firefighting and rescue operations. It has on board a 15kw hydraulic generator with ample lighting around the apparatus to light up the emergency scene for night time safe operations. It carries (4) 200 foot of 2” attack lines, 600 feet of 5” large diameter hose supply line, global positioning system, thermal imagining camera, 4 power saws, stokes basket, 2 positive pressure ventilation fans, two negative pressure smoke ejectors, numerous forcible entry tools, salvage and overhaul tools, and miscellaneous equipment.