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Brookline Fire Company 100th Anniversary

Active Members
To close out the celebration of Brookline Fire Company's 100th Anniversary, company members joined for a last hoorah at the Hyatt on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. It was a fantastic celebration for all who attended. Congratulations to the members of the Brookline Fire Company and we hope to see all again at the 125th!

100th Anniversary Service and BrunchJanuary 19, 2014 - Outside Annuciation B.V.M. prior to church service kicking off the Brookline Fire Company's 100th Anniversary!

Amidst the growing and expanding community of Brookline, five civic-minded individuals realized the need for better fire protection. On October 9 1914, after the meeting of the Brookline Improvement Association, a 7-minute meeting was held to form the Brookline Fire Company. This meeting took place at 412 Allston Road at the home of Paul A. Embick, today it is 1107 Allston Road. In November 1914, a charter was obtained from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, designating this new organization as "The Brookline Fire Company".

2014 marks a momentous occasion in the history of The Brookline Fire Company.  It is 100 years of dedicated service to the residents and visitors of Haverford Township as well as continued support of our neighboring fire departments. We look forward to celebrating with our past, current and future members, the surrounding fire companies and our community that we are honored to serve and protect.

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Without sponsors our celebration would not be possible. Please take a moment to see the numerous sponsors of our 100th Anniversary Celebration! To our sponsors, we thank you!


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